What happens in a smear test

Many women feel nervous about having a smear test, however, at The Colposcopy Unit, consultant gynaecologist Mr Thomas Ind and his expert team will ensure you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Our gynaecology clinic’s well-equipped, private rooms ensure that your examination can be carried out discreetly and professionally.

You’ll be asked to take off your lower garments and lie on an examination couch. The staff will ensure that your dignity is maintained and that you are covered up until the test takes place.

Mr Thomas Ind will carefully place a speculum into your vagina. This is a sterile plastic device that opens up the vagina and pushes back its walls so that Mr Ind can clearly see the cervix. He will use a fine soft brush to collect cells from the surface membrane of the cervix. These tissue samples will be immersed in a liquid and sent to a laboratory for expert analysis. The laboratory specialist will classify the smear test into one of a number of normal or abnormal categories.

The procedure usually takes no more than five minutes; however, if you need to talk to Mr Ind about any questions or concerns, he will make time to answer all your questions.

Does a smear test hurt?

For most women, a smear test is not painful. However, some women do feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by the procedure. Mr Thomas Ind and his team work hard to ensure that you feel relaxed because tension can increase the sensation of pain.

If you are particularly anxious and stressed about the test, or if you have had previous bad experiences, please talk to the team at our private London gynaecology clinic. They can help address your fears and support you through your investigation.

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