What do your smear test results mean?

The results of your smear test will usually be returned from the laboratory within two weeks. Our consultant gynaecologist, Mr Thomas Ind, will talk you through the results, discuss whether any further tests or treatment are needed and arrange a colposcopy if necessary.

Normal smear test

If your smear test comes back showing no abnormality, the clinic will inform you about your results and offer repeat screening in the future. It’s recommended that you should have regular smear tests to prevent cancer from developing. They should be done every three years from 25 to 49 and every five years from 50 to 64.

You can book regular, private smear tests, performed by an experienced consultant gynaecologist at one of our private gynaecology clinics in Central London.

Inadequate test result

Sometimes a smear test can’t be read properly; this can be because there was an infection, because there weren’t enough cells in the sample, or if the cells couldn’t be seen properly, because of blood for example. This result does not mean that there is any problem with your cervix, but the test will need to be redone. If this happens to you, the staff at clinic will contact you and offer a repeat test.

Borderline abnormal smear test results

If your smear test comes back as showing borderline abnormalities or mild dyskaryosis, your sample will be checked for evidence of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection. If there is no evidence of HPV or wart virus, there is a low risk of cervical cancer developing. Thomas Ind will discuss the results and may advise you to have a repeat test in six-months-time, to check whether the changes have resolved.

Mild dyskaryosis treatment: If the smear test is classified as having mild dyskaryosis together with HPV infection, your consultant gynaecologist will recommend having a colposcopy to examine the cervix more closely. Mr Thomas Ind is experienced in the investigation and treatment of cervical abnormalities and performs private colposcopies at the state-of-the-art private gynaecology clinics in London.

Abnormal smear test

If your smear test comes back as showing abnormalities or moderate to severe dyskaryosis, Thomas Ind and the team of health professionals at the clinic will be there to support you.

Moderate and severe dyskaryosis treatment: Mr Ind is an expert in treating and investigating problems with the cervix. He will arrange for you to have a colposcopy to closely examine the cervix and take biopsies if necessary, so that any problems can be identified and a bespoke treatment plan devised.

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