Private Colposcopy Clinics

Our Central London clinics offer private colposcopy by a consultant gynaecologist in an efficient and stress-free environment. Undergoing gynaecological testing or treatment can be worrying but our expert staff provide sensitive support and reassurance throughout your procedure, so that you can relax and recover.

The colposcopy service is run by Mr Thomas Ind, an experienced consultant gynaecological surgeon. Thomas Ind is an accredited specialist in the investigation and treatment of gynaecological cancers and an expert in colposcopy. Our clinics have the latest equipment and a state-of-the-art colposcopy suite, so that you can feel reassured that you will receive the very best care.

Colposcopy equipment at our clinics

Our clinics are equipped with the DySIS, Dynamic Spectral Imaging System. This is the next generation of colposcopic equipment. The cutting-edge device uses digital analysis to provide data about the specific risk of cancer and pre-cancer in the cervix being visualised.

The system produces a digital interpretation of the colposcopic image. In effect, it creates a map of the cervix and highlights any areas of that could be problematic, using a range of colours to indicate differing degrees of potential cell abnormality.This image helps the consultant surgeon precisely pinpoint areas of abnormality, so that biopsies are taken accurately and LLETZ treatment is able to remove all atypical cells.

Research studies have shown that there is a significant increase in detection of pre-cancerous cells in women examined with DYSIS Colposcopy compared to those examined with older, more standard equipment. In tests, scientists observed that, compared to standard techniques, biopsies taken with DYSIS were more accurate and more efficient at picking up high-grade cervical abnormalities.

This year the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NICE, commissioned an expert panel to review the clinical evidence for colposcopy technology. They issued new guidance stating that DYSIS is recommended.’

Women investigated and treated by Mr Ind receive expert colposcopy using this innovative technology.

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